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  • LANCE Ultra Europium-anti-phospho-p70 S6K (Thr389) Antibody

    Mouse monoclonal antibody labeled with the LANCE® Europium W-1024-ITC chelate. This antibody detects human p70 S6K phosphorylated at Thr389. p70 S6K is phosphorylated in vivo by mTOR. p70 S6K peptides are also phosphorylated by several kinases including COT, HGK, IKKε, IRAK1, IRAK4, MAP4K2, MINK, MST1, MST2, NEK1, NEK2, NEK6, NEK7, PEK, PLK1 and TAOK2. Sequence motif recognized: LGFTYVAP
    List Price : 1665.00 USD