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XAM-2 Anesthesia Manifold (Rat)

This non-glow manifold integrates gas delivery and scavenging ports into a single 2-port unit for use with rats.

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This non-glow manifold integrates gas delivery and scavenging ports, which minimize gas contamination, into a single 2-port unit for use with rats. Independent flow control ensures proper dosing at all times. This product is for use with the IVIS® Imaging Systems and XGI-8 Gas Anesthesia System. It also includes transparent nose cones and rat dividers. The XGI-8 Gas Anesthesia System is designed to work with IVIS® imaging systems and allows researchers to use real-time in vivo imaging to monitor and record cellular and genetic activity within a living organism. The gas anesthesia module successfully integrates efficient gas delivery into a single system. The gas anesthesia system delivers isoflurane gas to a 5-port anesthesia manifold housed in the IVIS® system imaging chamber. The manifold safely anesthetizes up to 5 adult mice or 2 rats simultaneously. The manifold also provides waste gas scavenging ports to help prevent gas from entering the surrounding work environment. Opening the lid to the induction chamber automatically triggers a built-in vacuum system that helps ventilate waste gas away from researchers and into disposable isoflurane-absorbing charcoal filters, or into a house air exhaust system. This system allows researchers independent control and monitoring of isoflurane gas to the induction chamber and to the subjects in the imaging chamber, permitting proper dosage at all times.