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Aluminum Vapor Pressure Pan Kit for TGA 8000 and Pyris 1 TGA

This Aluminum Vapor Pressure Pan Kit includes 100 volatile pans and 100 pierced covers with a 50 µm diameter hole centered in the cover which can be used for finding boiling points, heat of vaporization, or sublimatation studies. Each aluminum sample pan and cover has an operating range of -170° to 600 °C and a volume 20 µL.

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Detail Information

The Aluminum Vapor Pressure Pan Kit is for use with DSC 4000, DSC 6000, DSC 8000, DSC 8500, Diamond DSC, Pyris 1 DSC, DSC 7, DSC 6, Pyris 6 DSC and Jade DSC. Requires Crimper/Sealer (02190061) and (B0139005 with B0144637).


Material Aluminum
Model Compatible With DSC 6000, DSC 8000, Pyris 1 DSC, Jade DSC, DSC 4000, Diamond DSC, DSC 6, DSC 8500, Pyris 6 DSC, DSC 7
Product Group Sample Pans
Technology Type DSC
Volume Capacity 20 µL