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V-Solv ICP Solvent - 1 Gallon

We offer V-Solv™ ICP Solvent, a proprietary solvent used to prepare dilutions for analysis by Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) and ICP-MS.

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V-Solv™ ICP Solvent is a proprietary solvent that is used for diluting oil and other organic liquids for analysis by ICP and ICP-MS. Use V-Solv™ as a matrix blank and as a diluent for your calibration standards and samples for outstanding nebulization characteristics. V-Solv™ ICP Solvent offers the following advantages over conventional low odor/odorless kerosene, xylene and other commercial solvents:

  • Very high purity (essentially no trace metals or sulfur) - each bottle is accompanied by a COA that states the trace impurity levels of 36 metals and sulfur.
  • Makes very stable dilutions of metallo-organic standards and oil samples.
  • Extremely low odor (no kerosene or aromatic smell), which results in a comfortable work environment and is also VOC-exempt for consumer products applications (EPA Title 40, Volume 5, Parts 53-59).
  • Extremely low toxicity compared with kerosene or xylene.


Model Compatible With Avio
Product Group Metallo-Organic
Volume Capacity 1 Gal