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TRI-CARB 5110TR 110 V Liquid Scintillation Counter

The Tri-Carb 5110TR liquid scintillation counter is optimal for both advanced research and environmental work – the liquid scintillation counter to choose when you need every option to meet a wide range of applications.

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The Tri-Carb 5110TR liquid scintillation counter is a fully loaded premium instrument capable of more accurately detecting Ultra Low Level counts in mixed and unknown samples using proprietary Dual Phase Separation and PSA Histogram technology.

Exclusive Standard Features:

  • TR-LSC (Time-resolved Liquid Scintillation Counting) for high sensitivity, low background liquid scintillation counting
  • QuantaSmart Software a robust multitasking, easy networking environment with unlimited assays in a secure multiuser environment
  • Alpha Beta Separation uses Dual PSA Discriminator and PSA Histogram to improve accuracy for mixed and unknown samples
  • ULLCM (Ultra Low Level Count Mode) with Pulse Amplitude Comparison (PAC) decreases the component of background produced by optical crosstalk, increasing system sensitivity (E2/B) to a factory test minimum of 500 for 3H and 1,400 for 14C
  • SpectraWorks 2 spectral analysis package that determines optimal counting regions, and calculates figure of merit automatically
  • Enhanced IPA (Instrument Performance Assessment) monitors performance metrics for the life of the instrument
  • Replay reanalyzes sample counts without recounting samples
  • Dynamic color correction ensures accuracy of tracking lower energy sample spectra over a wide quench range
  • Auxiliary Spectrum Memory stores rejected events for future analysis
  • Bi-directional sample conveyer with a capacity of up to 408 (20mL vials) or 720 (4 or 7 mL vials)
  • Varisette sample cassette for intermixing vial sizes without special adapters
  • Operational-status LED indicator for clear assay status updates at a glance

Additional Standard Features:

  • Luminescence Correction adjusts for chemiluminescence interference
  • Direct DPM determines single-label DPM in any cocktail without the use of quench standards
  • Temperature Control maintains optimum conditions for a variety of samples
  • 60 Quick Count protocol flags with the flexibility to define unlimited assays
  • Fold-away ergonomic arm adaptable to enter data either sitting or standing
  • Built in Computer with Windows 10 Operating System

Physical data

  • Dimensions H/W/D 18.5/40.5/44 in (47/103/112 cm)
  • Weight 523 lb (238 kg)
  • Electrical requirements 100-240 Vac 50/60 HZ 3-prong grounded plug

Typical performance data

  • Energy range: 0-2,000 keV
  • Efficiency, Normal Count Mode (minimum acceptable):
    3H (0-18.6 keV): 60%
    14C (0-156 keV): 95%
  • Observed Background, Normal Count Mode (average):
    3H (0-18.6 keV): 17 CPM
    14C (0-156 keV): 26 CPM
  • Figure of Merit (E2/B), Normal Count mode:
    3H (0-18.6 keV): 180
    14C (0-156 keV): 380
  • Figure of Merit (E2/B), Ultra Low Level Count Mode (ULLCM):
    3H (0-18.6 keV): 500
    14C (0-156 keV): 1,400

Note: The efficiencies, backgrounds, and E2/B values for the Normal Count Mode were determined using PerkinElmer sealed large vial glass standards set P.N. 6008500 verified with NIST standard activity.

Disclaimer:  21 CFR Part 11 Compatibility optionally available. Please consult your radiometric detection specialist.


21 CFR Part 11 Compatible Yes
Portable No

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