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Total Emission Accessory

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The Total Emission Accessory uses a plane mirror that swings into place in front of the emission monochromator grating so that the total fluorescence of the sample can be measured. This accessory is often used with long pass emission filters to restrict the wavelengths. The mirror can be positioned from a switch on the instrument panel. A plane mirror in place of the emission grating will reflect about 90% of the light entering the monochromator which is considerably greater than if the grating were used in zero order. The more efficient fluorescence collection provides greater sensitivity for samples that have weak emission. It is strongly recommended for bio and chemiluminescence measurements. In most cases the operator needs to reduce interference from other wavelengths including second-order radiation, and the use of cut-off filters is recommended. Five computer-controlled emission cut-off filters are supplied with the Model LS-55/50B Spectrometer. Requires, but does not include, installation by a PerkinElmer Service Engineer.


Product Group Total Emission Accessory
Technology Type Fluorescence Sampling