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IR Specular Reflection Set

The IR Specular Reflection Set provides a complete solution for state-of-the-art measurement of the emissivity of coated glazing products according to international standards.

Part Number L1250600
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Detail Information

Based on the findings of the THERMES project, an IR specular reflection accessory set has been developed for the PerkinElmer FT-IR Spectrometers.

The IR Specular Reflection Set is designed to:

  • Measure direct specular reflectance of samples at an angle of incidence of 6 degrees
  • Analyze emissivity of coated glazing products according to international standards
  • Record FT-IR measurements of large tempered glass panes
  • Accommodate a variety of sample sizes, with a minimum sample size of 50 mm x 50 mm, and a maximum sample size of 1-2 square meters or larger

This Specular Reflection set includes:

  • The IR Specular Reflectance accessory
  • A sample port protection cover
  • A set of five calibrated gold mirrors, including four working standards and one primary standard for checking and calibrating the working standards. Initial calibration values for all of these mirrors, traceable to international standards, are provided.
  • Two height adjustable sample support pillars for analysis of large samples
  • A CD-ROM with an electronic copy of Excel workbooks for data analysis
  • A manual with a step-by-step description of the alignment and measurement procedures, and a detailed description of the calculation procedures and uncertainty analysis
  • A brief report containing test results obtained on the accessory prior to shipment
  • Lightweight equipment protector case

The accessory is pre-aligned and includes installation and 1 year warranty.


Model Compatible With Spectrum 400, Frontier, Spectrum One, Spectrum 100
Product Group IR Specular Reflectance Set
Technology Type FT-IR