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ST Japan Polymers ATR Starter Library

ATR starter library from ST Japan containing 15,041 spectra designed for the analysis of polymers, coatings, paints, and petrochemicals.

Part Number L1108924
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Detail Information

ST Japan Polymer starter library contains 15,041 spectra, all of which have been verified by trained spectroscopists. This ATR-FTIR library has been designed for the analysis of polymers, coatings, paints, and petrochemicals. The ST Japan Polymer starter library contains ATR-FTIR spectra of:

  • Polymers – both commercial polymers and polymers with well-defined structure and extensive sample information
  • Coatings – various types including binders, fillers, resins, pigments, dyes, enamels, primers, lacquers, powder coatings, and stoving varnishes
  • Paints – materials used in historical and modern paintings. Includes spectra of pigments (historical, inorganic, and synthetic), fillers, binders, glues, varnishes, conservation materials, proteins, gums, oils, waxes, balsams, resins, dispersions, dyes, carbohydrates, and many other related compounds
  • Petrochemicals – a large range of aliphatic, aromatic, and naphthenic organic chemicals and their important derivatives. Spectra of crude oils from different reservoirs and of typical mixtures of crude oil refining process are also included

Name, CAS number, molecular formula, and additional information provided with most spectra. Spectral libraries are shipped on CD in both DBL and SPL format compatible with PerkinElmer Spectrum 10TM software.

Note: ST Japan starter libraries are only available with the purchase of a new PerkinElmer FT-IR instrument.