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Spectrum Two Polymer QA/QC Analysis System

Rapid testing of your polymer material is refreshingly easy with this out-of-the-box polymer analysis system. A combination of ready-made protocols, a materials library, and the easy-to-use system ensures swift identification of your materials.

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Efficient Polymer QA/QC Analysis

The Spectrum Two offers rapid operation and testing of quality control and quality assurance of polymers in the laboratory or out in the field.

User friendly design features combined with the Polymer Resource Pack ensure that with the Spectrum Two, anyone can be an FT-IR expert and collect high-quality spectra. This system includes:

  • FT-IR Polymer QA/QC Resource Pack
  • Spectrum Two Instrument
  • PerkinElmer UATR Diamond Accessory
  • Flat-Nosed Pliers, 130 mm
  • Spectrum 10 Software

FT-IR Polymer QA/QC Resource Pack

In today’s competitive polymer market, making efficient use of time and resources is vital. The Spectrum Two with the FT-IR Polymer QA/QC Resource Pack can be set up in minutes to deliver the answer you need, fast.

The Polymer Resource Pack is designed to help in the following:

  • Measurement of good quality spectrum of polymers
  • Identification of polymers
  • Interpretation of polymer spectra

Utilization of library spectra is illustrated in this resource pack for effective results. The documentation provides clear instructions for day-to-day use of the system and demonstrates the value of using UATR-FT-IR spectroscopy in the identification and verification of materials.

Spectrum Two Instrument

The Spectrum Two spectrometer with KBr optics and a standard, high-performance room temperature LiTaO3 (lithium tantalate) detector delivers a spectral scan range of 8,300 – 350 cm-1 whilst offering 0.5 cm-1 resolution and 9,300:1 peak-peak signal-to-noise ratio for a 5 second scan in a sleek, compact design.

Key features that allow for consistent performance of this system include:

  • Dynascan interferometer – Fixed mirror-pair interferometer design does not require dynamic alignment to compensate for errors.
  • OpticsGuard technology – Unique humidity shield design protects Spectrum Two from environmental effects, allowing it to be used in more challenging conditions. Our long-life desiccant ensures maximum instrument uptime, regardless of where your analysis takes place.
  • Atmospheric Vapor Compensation (AVC) – Features an advanced digital filtering algorithm designed to compensate for CO2 and H2O absorptions in real time removing the need for instrument purging.
  • Sigma-Delta Conversion: The use of Sigma-Delta converters in the digitization of the FT-IR interferogram improves the dynamic range, reduces spectral artifacts, and increases ordinate linearity to provide accurate, reproducible results.

PerkinElmer UATR Diamond Accessory

The universal ATR is an excellent general accessory for the analysis of solids and liquids. The UATR produces high quality spectra through the use of a pressure arm allowing good contact of the sample with the diamond/ZnSe crystal. The pressure arm with a force indicator ensures first-class sample-to-sample and operator-to-operator reproducibility. The accessory is automatically recognized when it is placed in the sample compartment, the optics are automatically optimized, and the system is ready to be used without additional alignment.

Spectrum 10 Software

Included in this system is the Spectrum 10 software, which enables you to control the instrument and to manipulate the spectra that you collect. The spectrometers can operate in ratio, single-beam, or interferogram mode.

From material and contaminant identification to quantitative analysis, the comprehensive Spectrum 10 software suite allows you to focus on what matters most – results. Designed for busy academic laboratories, this comprehensive FT-IR software package facilitates data collection, processing, results generation, basic and advanced data manipulation, spectral calculations, COMPARE spectral comparison, PLS/PCR/Beer’s Law predictions, Beer’s Law Quant method development, spectral search with starter libraries, and built-in online tutorials. The software enables users without scientific training to generate infrared spectra from a sample and validate them against reference spectra in minutes, or even seconds.


Depth 30.0 cm
Detector Type LiTaO3
Height 21.0 cm
Operating Range 5 - 45 °C
Portable Yes
Product Brand Name Spectrum Two
Product Group Application Pack
Warranty 1 year
Wave Length Range 8,300 – 350 cm-1
Weight 13.0 kg
Width 45.0 cm
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Application Note

Polymer Identification using Mid Infrared Spectroscopy

This application note describes several approaches to the, measurement and analysis of IR spectra of typical polymer samples, and applies, the techniques to the identification of some industrial polymer samples. The, compact and rugged Spectrum Two™ FT-IR spectrometer supports a range of, reflectance and transmission sampling accessories that are suitable for polymer, analysis, and is now available with a Polymer Resource Pack that provides information, and advice to help generate good quality spectra and extract meaningful, information as simply as possible.


Product Note

Spectrum Two for Polymers QA/QC

Refreshingly easy to use and maintain, Spectrum Two™ offers a readymade solution for rapid, worry-free polymer analysis. User friendly design features combined with a Polymer Application Pack ensure that with Spectrum Two, anyone can be an IR expert.,

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