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Sample Tracker

SampleTracker is a web-based solution that integrates with other iLab applications to help laboratories operate more efficiently.

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Sample Tracker reduces the time and effort required to manage and report sample information and to support regulatory compliance while quickly delivering the quality data that is needed by clients and decision makers.

  • A zero footprint web-based architecture reduces implementation and validation costs while simplifying access throughout the organization
  • Automated processes for scheduling, limit checking and reporting reduce workload for laboratory personnel and speed up delivery of results to clients and decision makers
  • Integration with other Ensemble for QA/QC applications (iLAB LES, Inventory, Calibration, Training) provides management with the information they need to respond quickly and effectively during review or investigation of sample results
  • Integration with ERP systems can provide more efficient management of sample and test information between the ERP and the laboratory

SampleTracker utilizes a unique ‘drag and drop’ technology that enables authorized users to quickly configure sample login screens to meet specific requirements.

SampleTracker is closely integrated with other iLab applications to provide a high level of automated data exchange. For example, logging a new sample into SampleTracker can automatically initiate worksheets in iLAB LES and notify operators of the pending work. As data is entered into either application it becomes instantly available in the other. Updating information about a sample in SampleTracker will automatically transfer that information to related iLAB worksheets. As results are entered in iLAB LES they immediately appear in SampleTracker.

With SampleTracker your QA/QC laboratory will operate more efficiently and deliver quality results faster by automating labor intensive activities. Sample Tracker provides quick access to data and information throughout the organization.