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S-Swafer Splitter (Swafer only)

Our Swafer platform is a micro-channel wafer technology, providing Clarus® 590/580 and 690/680 GC users with additional application flexibility, while delivering richer sample information, increased sensitivity, lower maintenance costs and increased sample throughput.

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Features and benefits include:

  • Allows you to tackle difficult or otherwise impossible separations, delivering richer sample information which was previously unattainable
  • User-friendly design and user-defined oven position allow easy setup and configuration changes, without requiring service intervention
  • 15 user-interchangeable configurations deliver over 18 possible modes of operation for unparalleled application flexibility
  • Can be used on any Clarus 590/580/500 or 690/680/600 GC with programmable pneumatic control (PPC)
  • Tweak the column polarity with serial column for difficult separations


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Application Note

The Determination of Benzene and Toluene in Finished Gasolines Containing Ethanol Using the PerkinElmer Clarus 680 GC with Swafer Technology

This application note describes a method that is based on the original ASTM® D-3606 method with the main difference being that capillary columns are used. This approach completely eliminated all chromatographic interference from the ethanol (even solutions made up in pure ethanol could be run), improved the quality of the chromatography in general and reduced the analysis time significantly (by 50% or 75% depending on the column set).