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Programmed-Temperature Split/Splitless Inlet System (PSS) Injector Ad d-On Kit for PerkinElmer Autosystem Series GCs, 240V

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PSS with Pneumatics and Pressure Readout on Screen. Kit includes all necessary hardware to install injector into PerkinElmer AutoSystem GC. PerkinElmer Service installation suggested. PerkinElmer AutoSystem firmware revision 1.7 or higher. Operator's manual (P/N 9938559) revision F or greater. The PSS inlet allows accurate sample delivery to a capillary column. The PSS allows the analysis of thermally labile compounds while eliminating the discrimination of high boiling compounds. The PSS has four modes of operation: The split mode, for analyzing concentrated samples; the splitless mode, for trace analysis; the Solvent purge mode, used for achieving greater detection limits and cleaner chromatography; and the On-Column mode, for direct injection. One of the major advantages to the PSS is that any nonvolatile material will remain in the inlet liner and not on the front of the column. There are also two modes of temperature programming: the oven tracking mode and the inlet mode.


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