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PolyPro-ST MicroFlow Nebulizer for Avio 200/500/Optima DV Series/8x00/NexION 300/350/ELAN 5000/6x00/9000/DRCs

This PolyPro-ST MicroFlow nebulizer, with external 1/4-28 threaded connector, is used with Avio 200 and 500 ICP-OES, Optima 2x00 DV, 4x00 DV, 5x00 DV, 7x00 DV, and 8x00 ICP-OES, ELAN® 5000, 6x00, 9000, DRC-e, and DRC II ICP-MS, and NexION® 300 and 350 ICP-MS series instruments.

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MicroFlow nebulizers are resistant to clogging, reliably self-aspirated or pumped to produce a fine aerosol for high transport effciency and high sensitivity. The PolyPro-ST MicroFlow nebulizer is a low-cost, HF-resistant alternative to the PFA nebulizer. The PolyPro nebulizer has a lower chemical resistance than the PFA nebulizer but has the same high-efficiency aerosol generation.  Both are robust nebulizers that can self-aspirate with an exchangeable external sample uptake capillary or can be used with a peristaltic pump.


Material PolyPro
Model Compatible With NexION 300, NexION 350, Avio 200, Optima 5x00 DV, Optima 8x00, ELAN 5000, Avio 500, ELAN 9000, Optima 4x00 DV, Optima 2x00 DV, ELAN DRCs, ELAN 6x00, Optima 7x00 DV
Product Brand Name MicroFlow
Product Group Nebulizers
Technology Type ICP-MS & ICP-OES