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PerkinElmer 2400 Series II Oxygen Analysis Kit

Part Number N2410513
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Detail Information

For automatic determination of oxygen in organic substances.

Add this optional kit to use with your PerkinElmer 2400 for oxygen analysis. The sample is pyrolyzed in a hydrogen/helium mixture at 1000 °C. When the resulting reaction products which contain oxygen pass over platinized carbon, they are converted to carbon monoxide. The carbon monoxide and other gases pass through scrubbers, where interferences are removed, and the carbon monoxide is then separated and determined. Kit includes:

  • One quartz oxygen pyrolysis tube (P/N N2411235)
  • One quartz reduction tube (P/N N2411300)
  • One 10 g. bottle of Platinized Carbon (P/N 02400119)
  • One platinum gauze strip (P/N N2411273)
  • One 2 m oxygen column (P/N N2420212)
  • One quartz insert (P/N N2411401)
  • One 454 g. bottle of Copper Plus Wire Form (P/N 02401362)
  • One scrubber trap assembly (P/N N2410189)
  • One acid gas scrubber tube (P/N N2411359)
  • One 100 g. bottle of Colorcarb (P/N 02400115)
  • One 454 g. bottle of Magnesium Perchlorate (P/N 02401119)
  • One silver gauze strip (P/N N2410145)
  • One 4 g. bottle of Benzoic Acid (P/N 02401120).


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