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OmicsOffice helps scientists to import, analyze and validate data generated from genomics studies offering workflows and tools for qPCR, microarray RNA-Seq, and ChIP-Seq experiments.

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Shining the Spotfire® Spotlight on Functional Genomics Data Analysis and New Discoveries. OmicsOffice is a mature, optimized suite of tools for every step in your genomics data analysis, enabling you to load andprocess raw data – external and vendor specific – and perform the steps common to expression analysis. OmicsOffice creates scientific visualizations automatically, so non-expert users can go from raw data to biologically meaningful results in no time using Click and Go® technology.

Key Capabilities for scientists include:

  • Guided Workflows: Import and analyze qPCR, microarray, RNA-Seq and ChIP Seq data on a single platform. Generate interactive dashboards and reports of your analysis in one-click, using state-of-the-art methods of data analysis. Visualize differential expression results to quickly discover gene signatures of interest.
  • Tools for Flexible Data Analysis: Rich toolkit for data preprocessing, statistical, classification and functional analysis to find gene sets (GSEA) or gene ontology (GO) enriched terms in your results Integrate and compare multi-platform data for validation of findings and novel biomarkers discovery.
  • Multi-Source, Multi-Platform, Multi-Experiment Data Exploration: OmicsOffice enables you to import and integrate data from public sources like GEO, third-party systems, or in-house expression data repositories. This provides the flexibility to explore differences between experiments, extract common significant profiles, and easily enhance functional and biological discovery across multiple datasets, even in the context of custom reference genomes or proprietary annotations.