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OilExpress 4 XL

OilExpress™ 4 system delivers highly automated, rapid, reliable oil condition monitoring results using recognized industry standard protocols such as ASTM®, JOAP and Caterpillar® S•O•S℠.

Part Number L161005L161001A1C
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We offer a range of solutions for fast and accurate IR analysis of in-service lubricants based on the acclaimed Spectrum Two™ FT-IR system. From a single batch analysis to fully automated batch runs with up to 384 samples (17 mm tubes) there is a system to suit all throughput requirements.

OilExpress 4 XL can be upgraded to an OilExpress 4 XL DUO to achieve even faster throughput.


Depth 83.0 cm
Height 85.0 cm
Model Name OilExpress 4 XL
Portable No
Product Brand Name OilExpress
Warranty 1 year
Weight 174.0 kg
Width 221.0 cm
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Lubricant Testing Solutions Interactive Brochure

Increasing demands for efficiency, productivity, data quality, and profitability pose ongoing challenges for lubricant testing labs, like yours. Whether you need to achieve quick turnaround times, minimize downtime, or maximize lab efficiencies, you can rely on PerkinElmer for a comprehensive set of simple-to-use and proven testing solutions to help you achieve accurate results in record time. Learn more about our solutions.

OilExpress 4 Oil Condition Monitoring System

The OilExpress 4 system adapts to your laboratory’s needs, from dozens to thousands of samples per day. Its modular design makes it possible to scale up your sample throughput or separately utilize the oil dilution capabilities in busy laboratories that are using ICP analysis. The system minimizes your operational costs by reducing instrument downtime, increasing throughput to reduce cost per sample, and offering significant savings from decreased solvent waste.



Laboratory Solutions for Lubricant Analysis

PerkinElmer offers fast, robust, easy-to-use, and proven lubricant testing solutions. By leveraging our industry experience and partnering with global organizations like ExxonMobil and Caterpillar, we offer customers a unique level of understanding.

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OilPrep 4 Oil Diluter: Complete Flexibility In Oil Dilution

The OilPrep 4 oil diluter automatically dilutes oil samples with kerosene, in preparation for wear metals analysis by inductively coupled plasma (ICP), such as with the PerkinElmer Optima ICP-OES.


Specification Sheet

Obtaining Optimum Reproducibility for FT-IR Measurements in ZnSe Liquid Transmission Cells

Zinc selenide is a very useful material for infrared; sampling optics; since it is transparent over most; of the mid-infrared range; fairly hard and durable; and resistant to water and most chemicals.; Consequently it is widely used for attenuated; total reflectance (ATR) and liquid transmission; cells. Its relatively high refractive index of 2.4 is; useful for ATR; but for transmission measurements can lead to several artifacts; the character and severity of which can vary between cells. This note describes these artifacts and the steps that can be taken to effectively eliminate them; ensuring equivalent results across systems and cells.

OilExpress 4 Oil Condition Monitoring Systems Specifications

PerkinElmer offers a range of solutions for fast and accurate IR analysis of in-service lubricants based on the acclaimed Spectrum Two™ FT-IR system. From single sample analysis to fully automated batch runs with up to 384 samples there is a system to suit all throughput requirements.

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OilExpress: In-Service Lubricants FT-IR Control Oil

FT-IR analysis has become an increasingly important tool for in-service lubricants analysis, and is now widely deployed in a range of environments from high-throughput labs using the OilExpress autosampling system through to smaller field labs and on-site installations using the Spectrum Two In-Service Lubricants FT-IR Analysis System based on the revolutionary Spectrum Two instrument.

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Spectrum Two In-Service Lubricants Analysis System

Lubricant failure due to oxidation and nitration can be detrimental to machinery’s performance, while contamination by water, fuel or glycol can provide an early warning of mechanical problems before catastrophic damage occurs. Spectrum Two™ from PerkinElmer offers trouble-free analysis of in-service lubricants.

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Technical Note

Raising the bar in FT-IR: Getting the most out of On-site Oil Condition Monitoring

Oil inevitably degrades with use and is exposed to various sources of contamination. The benefits of oil condition monitoring can be further increased by complementing routine measurements at a centralized laboratory with more rapid on-site analysis using a portable analyzer. This article reviews infrared oil condition monitoring and describes the design considerations for an on-site oil analyzer, the In-Service Lubricants FT-IR Analysis System from PerkinElmer.

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