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NexION 2000 S ICP Mass Spectrometer

PerkinElmer’s NexION® 2000 is the most versatile ICP-MS on the market, featuring an array of unique technologies that combine to deliver the highest performance no matter what your analytical challenge.

Discover the effortless versatility of an instrument that makes it easy to handle any sample matrix, any interference, and any particle size.

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Part Number Model Name
N8150044 NexION 2000 B
N8150045 NexION 2000 C
N8150046 NexION 2000 P
N8150047 NexION 2000 S
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Ideal for laboratories testing semiconductors and fine chemicals, the NexION 2000 S ICP-MS features:

  • A dedicated SMARTintro™ High Purity sample-introduction module minimizes contamination and delivers low background equivalent concentrations (BECs)
  • Built-in cold plasma capabilities which, combined with Reaction mode, deliver PPQ detection limits
  • Three quadrupoles, three gas channels, and three modes of operation combine to offer better interference removal, delivering better detection limits/improved data accuracy
  • The industry’s fastest data acquisition speed on the market (100,000 points/sec) to handle any particle size
  • A new solid-state RF generator with revolutionary LumiCoil™ technology – first ICP-MS RF coil that requires no maintenance or cooling
  • Triple Cone Interface with Quadrupole Ion Deflector, delivering no maintenance beyond the cones
  • Small footprint to minimize bench space
  • Syngistix™ software provides an intuitive interface that mirrors your workflow, with left-to-right, icon-based navigation that guides you through your analysis. Plus, it’s a cross-platform solution, easing the transition from technique to technique.
The NexION 2000 ICP-MS – Triple Quad Power Meets Single Quad Versatility.


21 CFR Part 11 Compatible Yes
Depth 69.0 cm
Height 75.0 cm
Model Name NexION 2000 S
Portable No
Product Brand Name NexION
Warranty 1 Year
Weight 150.0 kg
Width 81.0 cm

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Brochure NexION 2000 ICP Mass Spectrometer Brochure PDF  881 KB
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Product Note Syngistix Enhanced Security Software Product Note PDF  1 MB
Product Note Syngistix Nano Application Software Module for Single Particle ICP-MS PDF  2 MB
Product Note Syngistix Single Cell Application Software Module for NexION ICP-MS Systems PDF  1 MB
Guide NexION 1000/2000 ICP-MS Consumables & Supplies Guide PDF  1 MB
Guide NexION 1000/2000 ICP-MS Preparing Your Laboratory PDF  1 MB
White Paper An Introduction to Single Cell ICP-MS Analysis PDF  1 MB
White Paper Sensitivity, Background, Noise and Calibration In Atomic Spectroscopy – Effects on Accuracy and Detection Limits PDF  835 KB
Application Note Accurate Sizing and Precise Counting of 10 nm Gold Nanoparticles using the NexION 2000 ICP-MS PDF  2 MB
Application Note Analysis of Drinking and Natural Waters using the NexION 2000 ICP-MS PDF  1 MB
Application Note Analysis of Impurities in Semiconductor-Grade Hydrochloric Acid with the NexION 2000 ICP-MS PDF  1 MB
Application Note Analysis of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes with SP-ICP-MS PDF  555 KB
Application Note Analysis of Soils and Waters in Accordance with U.S. EPA Method 6020B using the NexION 2000 ICP-MS PDF  2 MB
Application Note Analysis of Urine for Trace Elements using the NexION 2000 ICP-MS PDF  1 MB
Application Note Assessing the Fate of Nanoparticles During Coagulation Using SP-ICP-MS PDF  2 MB
Application Note Characterization of TiO2 Nanoparticle Release from Fabrics By Single Particle ICP-MS PDF  516 KB
Application Note Iron Content Measurement in Individual Bacterial Cells Using SC-ICP-MS PDF  1001 KB
Application Note Monitoring Uptake of Nanoparticles and Ionic/Dissolved Gold by Fresh Water Algae Using SC-ICP-MS PDF  3 MB
Application Note New Research Evaluating Cisplatin Uptake in Ovarian Cancer Cells by Single Cell ICP-MS PDF  2 MB
Application Note NexION 2000: A Perfect Tool for the Determination of Trace Elements in Blood and Serum PDF  931 KB
Application Note Testing and Validation of Various Antacids for Elemental Impurities using the NexION 2000 ICP-MS PDF  576 KB
Technical Note Advantages of a Novel Plasma Generator for the NexION 2000 ICP-MS PDF  906 KB
Technical Note All Matrix Solution System for NexION ICP-MS Platforms PDF  1 MB
Technical Note The 30-Minute Guide to ICP-MS PDF  909 KB
FAQ Syngistix for ICP-MS Enhanced Security Software: Compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 Regulations FAQ PDF  174 KB
Catalog Atomic Spectroscopy Consumables and Supplies Catalog PDF  6 MB
Regulatory Compliance Certification NexION 1000/2000 Product Certificate PDF  44 KB