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To meet the growing demand for the supply of cost effective carrier gas, PerkinElmer is expanding its product portfolio and now offers customers that have LC/MS applications and analytical instruments a new line of nitrogen generators.

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The Nitroflow Lab is a portable unit that offers a less expensive and more convenient delivery of nitrogen than cylinders and dewars.

NitroFlow lab is a self contained LC/MS Membrane Nitrogen Generator with dual oil-less air compressors. NITROFLOW LAB Integrated Nitrogen Generator. System Includes Intake Suction Breather Filter, High Performance Self Regenerating Membrane Module, Long-Life Nitrogen Amplifier Oil-Less Compressor, Unique Touchscreen Controls for Nitrogen Purity, System Status and Output Gas Control, Rugged Casters for Stationary or Mobile Use, One-Year Standard System Warranty with Special Compressor Warranty (Two-Year Calendar or 8,000 Run-Time Hours)

Nitrogen on demand, up to 30 LPM

Produced by Parker Balston the NitroFlow Lab is a self contained generator that produces up to 30 LPM of pure LC/MS grade nitrogen at pressures up to 8 bar. Nitrogen is produced by utilizing a combination of compressor and membrane separation technologies. High and low pressure compressors are carefully matched to the hollow fiber membranes to ensure quiet and reliable operation. Oil free compressed air is passed through the unique proprietary hollow fiber membranes which separate the air into a concentrated nitrogen stream. Typical applications include LC/MS, LC/MS/MS, nebulizer gases for APCI and ESI, ELSD, Turbo Vaps and chemical solvent evaporation. The safe, convenient and cost effective method of providing high purity nitrogen for your LC/MS

Proven Technology

The unique combination of the dual compressor technology ensures that the NitroFlow Lab has several unique technical advantages over all other existing LC/MS Nitrogen Generators. Nitrogen is produced at low pressure and then compressed to 8 bar. This ensures minimal maintenance of the system with no compressed air filter replacements or condensate. The compressor life is guaranteed under the Parker Balston warranty for 8,000 continuous running hours, the longest currently available on the market.


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