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Multi-element Calibration Standard 3, Matrix per Volume: 5% HNO3 per 125 mL

Multi-element Calibration Standard: Ag, Al, As, Ba, Be, Bi, Ca, Cd, Co, Cr, Cs, Cu, Fe, Ga, Hg, In, K, Li, Mg, Mn, Na, Ni, Pb, Rb, Se, Sr, Tl, Zn, U, V @ 10 µg/mL

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Multi-element Calibration Standard 3, Matrix per Volume: 5% HNO3 per 125 mL, Concentration of Element:

  • 10µg/mL Silver
  • 10µg/mL Aluminium
  • 10µg/mL Arsenic
  • 10µg/mL Barium
  • 10µg/mL Beryllium
  • 10µg/mL Bismuth
  • 10µg/mL Calcium
  • 10µg/mL Cadmium
  • 10µg/mL Cobalt
  • 10µg/mL Chromium
  • 10µg/mL Cesium
  • 10µg/mL Copper
  • 10µg/mL Iron
  • 10µg/mL Gallium
  • 10µg/mL Mercury
  • 10µg/mL Indium
  • 10µg/mL Potassium
  • 10µg/mL Lithium
  • 10µg/mL Magnesium
  • 10µg/mL Manganese
  • 10µg/mL Sodium
  • 10µg/mL Nickel
  • 10µg/mL Lead
  • 10µg/mL Rubidium
  • 10µg/mL Selenium
  • 10µg/mL Strontium
  • 10µg/mL Thallium
  • 10µg/mL Vanadium
  • 10µg/mL Uranium, and
  • 10µg/mL Zinc.

Mercury is supplied as a separate solution due to incompatibility with other elements. These solutions are made with the highest purity materials available and are tested on the ELAN 6000 under an internationally accredited ISO 9001 quality assurance program.

Every PerkinElmer Pure Plus standard is supplied with a comprehensive Certificate of Analysis which reports actual measured values in the final solution of both the major analyte and up to 68 trace element impurities at ppt levels. Each certificate also includes NIST documentation and information regarding the methods used. Designed to contain virtually every element in the mass spectrum for concentration checks.


Concentration 10 µg/mL
Hazard Symbols C
Model Compatible With Avio
Product Group Inorganic
Volume Capacity 125 mL