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Speed and simplicity are the primary strengths of the FilterMate Harvester. From beginning to end, the FilterMate system is easy to use. Need additional information? Click on the tabs in the product details section below.

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Simple simultaneous harvesting of samples from 96- and 24-well microplates Harvesting cells is fast and easy with PerkinElmer's FilterMate™ Universal Harvester. Our compact system harvests and washes all 96 or 24 samples simultaneously from shallow- or deepwell microplates. The FilterMate Harvester is available in several versatile configurations. There are FilterMate models suited for either our MicroBeta® or TopCount® Scintillation and Luminescence Counters, as well as a model designed for cutting filtermats for our Tri-Carb® Liquid Scintillation Counters or WIZARD® Automatic Gamma Counters. With any FilterMate model, it takes only minutes to process and transfer samples-onto integrated filter plates such as UniFilter® plates for counting on TopCount; onto dedicated filtermats for counting on MicroBeta; or onto plain filtermats with the OmniFilter™ harvester configuration. The MicroBeta FilterMate Harvesters are available in stainless steel to provide increased resistance to TCA (trichloroacetic acid). Filtermate Harvester-Best for MicroBeta Users This FilterMate Harvester is configured for harvesting onto MicroBeta filtermats for counting with the MicroBeta Liquid Scintillation and Luminescence Counter. MicroBeta filtermats are available in 96- and 24-well formats in a variety of materials. The upper and lower wash aspirate heads are specially designed to ensure proper alignment of the filter material without guessing. The FilterMate Harvester can be configured for MicroBeta at the factory or in your laboratory with an easy-to-use conversion kit. With the FilterMate Harvester, switching between a UniFilter application to a MicroBeta filtermat is easy. The choice is yours. Key Features

  • Flexible-use 96- or 24-well formats, deep or shallow-well plates.
  • Short fluid path-minimizes the amount of wash fluid required and ensures more complete washing.
  • Separate hot and cold waste lines-helps minimize radioactive waste.
  • Versatile base-unit-enables switching from 96-to 24-well format and back in just a few minutes.
  • Built-in scrubbers-make it easy to detach adherent cells from well bottoms and ensure complete harvesting.
Key Applications
  • Cell proliferation assays (tritiated thymidine uptake)
  • Cytotoxicity assays
  • Receptor binding assays
  • Nucleic acid degradation
  • Trichloroacetic acid preparations
  • Cell wash station for adherent cell assays


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Product Brand Name MicroBeta

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