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Calcium (Ca) - Magnesium (Mg) - Zinc (Zn) Lumina Hollow Cathode Lamp

Series N30502XX Lumina 2 in (50mm) -diameter multi-element lamps are designed to be used with our PinAAcle and AAnalyst atomic absorption spectrometer series of instruments.

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Detail Information

Features and Benefits:

  • Long Life: Our larger lamp volume results in longer lamp lifetime
  • Automation: Our coded lamps allow automatic setup
  • Electronic Lamp Timer: When combined with a PinAAcle instrument and Syngistix Software the lamp life is automatically recorded for easy viewing
  • Easy Installation: It’s as simple as sliding the lamp into the instrument’s lamp bracket or turret
  • Complete Compatibility: Lumina hollow cathode lamps can be used with our entire range of atomic absorption spectrometers
  • Testing: Every lamp is thoroughly tested before leaving the factory
  • Quality: Carefully selected materials used in the manufacturing of our lamps avoid spectral interference
  • Design: Our design provides you with the low detection limits needed for your most difficult determinations
  • Selection: We offer a wide selection of single-element and multi-element lamps
  • Easy To Order: It’s easy to find the right lamp for your analytical needs – simply use the selection charts on this page or visit our website for a complete listing
  • Warranty: The performance of our every lamp is fully warranted*



Element Calcium; Magnesium; Zinc
Model Compatible With AAnalyst, PinAAcle
Outer Diameter 2 in
Product Brand Name Lumina
Product Group Hollow Cathode Lamp (HCL)
Technology Type Atomic Absorption (AA)