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Low-temperature Luminescence Accessory

Samples can be measured at the temperature of liquid nitrogen by placing them in synthetic fused silica tubes which have an internal diameter of 2 mm, an outer diameter of 4 mm, and a length of 75 mm.

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The tubes are cooled by conduction by placing them in contact with the end of a high-purity copper rod which itself is immersed in liquid nitrogen. The position of the tube is reproducible and the samples cool rapidly. Frosting of the cell is minimized by purging the sample compartment with a flow of dry nitrogen gas.

The Model LS 55/50B Series uses a pulsed Xenon lamp as a source of excitation. Fluorescence data are collected at the instant of the flash while phosphorescence data are collected in the dark period between each flash. The use of the pulsed Xenon lamp obviates the need for a mechanical means of chopping the excitation and emission beams, thus leading to improved precision and speed of analysis. The instrument software includes application programs for observing short (msec) and long (seconds) phosphorescence decay curves in addition to spectra.

  • Easily replaces the standard sample compartment for the analysis of samples at the temperature of liquid nitrogen
  • Cools more efficiently and uses less sample than conventional quartz Dewars
  • Used for measuring fluorescence or phosphorescence
  • Includes a pack of five sample tubes (P/N 52126027)


Product Group Thermostatting Accessory