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Fused Silica Obstruction Removal Kit for ST type Nebulizers

Fused silica obstruction removal kit for ST type nebulizers. Includes one guide, 10 pieces of fused silica and instructions. While naturally resistant to obstructions, PFA nebulizers may occasionally require maintenance. Use this kit to safely remove obstructions in all PFA-ST nebulizers for long-term high performance. Never back-flush a PFA-ST nebulizer.

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Detail Information

Fused Silica Obstruction Removal Kit for ST type Nebulizers. Used to clear blockage from ST type nebulizers. Inc

Features and Benefits

Pure Grade Standards for AA and ICP-OES

  • Analyzed by ICP-OES
  • Analyzed by Classical Wet Assay
  • 32 trace impurities analyzed by ICP-MS of the final solution and reported on the certificate
  • Impurities reported at ppm level
  • All Standards are prepared and certified under ISO Guide 34 and ISO 17025 – certified by A2LA

ludes 10 packs of fused silica and capillary guide with instructions.


Material Fused Silica
Product Group Cleaning Tools