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DNA 5K Reagent Kit

LabChip® DNA assays are microfluidic assays that provide fast and easy characterization of DNA samples for quantification and sizing analysis. This kit should be used in conjunction with a LabChip GX Touch instrument, and is used for DNA ranging from 100-5,000 basepairs in size.

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Detail Information

The LabChip® GX Touch DNA assays provide fast and easy characterization of DNA samples from 25-12,000 base pairs in 30-60 seconds (gDNA integrity checking up to 40,000 base pairs) saving time and valuable resources for quantification and sizing analysis.

Additional Specifications

Sizing Range - 100 bp - 5000 bp

Sizing Accuracy - ± 10%

Sizing Resolution - ± 15% from 100 – 150 bp, ± 10% from 150 – 500 bp, ± 15% from 500 – 1500 bp, ± 20% from 1500 – 5000

Linear Concentration Range - 0.25 ng/µL – 50 ng/µL 0.2 per fragment

Sensitivity - 0.25 ng/µL

Chip Lifetime - 2000 samples/chip


Product Brand Name LabChip GX
Quantity in a Package Amount 1.0 Units
Research Areas Translational Research, Food & Agriculture
Sample Type DNA / RNA
Shipping Condition Blue Ice Soft
Unit Size 1 kit
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Application Note

Fast Genotyping of Genome-Edited Animals

Enhance scalability of mutation detection with on-target gene editing PCR and the LabChip GX® Touch™ Nucleic Acid Analyzer.

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