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Hydrocarbon Trap

Use our activated charcoal in-line trap to remove gaseous hydrocarbons (C5 and heavier) from nitrogen, hydrogen and inert carrier gas supplies. Recommended for use with purge and trap apparatuses, high-sensitivity FID operations and with GC carrier gases for trace analyses. Frits in each end prevent particulates from entering the gas stream. Trap is shipped lled with helium. Maximum pressure is 1000 psi (69 bar). Dimensions are 5 x 37 cm including ttings. Weight is 1.0 kg.

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New Hydrocarbon Trap - great for LCMS nitrogen units and GC units with 1.5 times the capacity of our current N9301192 High Capacity Hydrocarbon Trap - N9301192 Contains 750cc of preconditioned activated charcoal. Stainless Steel bdy. 1/4" brass compression fittings with ferrules for installation.Maximum pressure 200psi.Recommended flow rate up to 2L per minute.Will remove hydrocarbon impurities (50ppm or less) from inert gases, nitrogen and hydrogen at room temperature to low ppb range.Capacity at 67 g. of hydrocarbons C5 and heavier.10u stainless steel porous frits protect gas stream from particulates.Individually helium leak tested. Shipped filled with helium.


Material Stainless Steel
Product Group Filter Traps
Technology Type Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry
Type Hydrocarbon