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L-[14C(U)]-Glutamic Acid,>97%, 250µCi (9.25MBq)

50 µCi quantities of L-[14C(U)]-Glutamate are available for your research.

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NEC290E050UC 50 µCi 710.00 USD
NEC290E250UC 250 µCi 1989.00 USD
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50 µCi quantities of L-[14C(U)]-Glutamic Acid are available for your research. Application of [14C]GLU can be found in: neurotransmitter release mechanisms between large dense-core vesicles and small clear synaptic vesicles, biogeochemical transformations of dissolved organic matter at the sediment–water interface (in situ incubations within benthic chambers), distribution of radiolabeled l-glutamate and d-aspartate from blood into peripheral tissues in naive rats (significance for brain neuroprotection), GABAb receptor antagonist enhancing somatostatin release in the rat hippocampus in vivo and in vitro, etc.


Concentration 0.1 mCi/mL
Detection Method Radiometric
Label Position Uniformly Labeled
Molecular Weight 147.1
Radioisotope C-14
Radionuclide 14C
Shipping Condition Ambient
Special Ordering Information This is a radioactive product - shipping address must have a license to receive radioactive materials.
Unit Size 250 µCi

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