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G4 PET/X-ray Preclinical Imaging System

Ultrasensitive and fast multimodal PET/X-ray imaging at your benchtop. The G-Platform offers and includes the G4 and G8 imaging systems.

Part Number CLS139563
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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Detail Information

The G-Platform offers full solutions for PET Imaging and includes the G4 and G8 imaging systems introduced by PerkinElmer in partnership with Sofie Biosciences. The G4 preclinical PET/X-Ray imaging system revolutionizes quantitative Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging standards by offering higher sensitivity and speed all in a compact desktop format. The G4 breaks away from a conventional ring-based system by surrounding the animal with panel detectors allowing you to image trace amounts of probes, which translates to 10x less dose to the animal and 10x less dose to the researcher, all while maintaining beautiful image quality.


The sensitivity of the G4 is achieved using a revolutionary 4-head panel detector geometry that covers 360 degrees of the subject. In conjunction with its low intrinsic background from Bismuth germanate (BGO) crystals, as opposed to Lu25i05[Ce] (LSO) used by other PET systems, G4’s high sensitivity enables researchers to detect extremely low radioactivity level (minimum detectable activity). This allows for not only lower dose exposure to the technician, but it also opens up applications that historically have not been easy to perform because of their low signal levels.

Simplified Workflow and Analysis

Advanced algorithms automatically co-register acquired PET and X-Ray images in G4 with a mouse anatomy atlas generating 3D, whole-body images with organ-level anatomical references. Our PET platform is equipped with a unique docking station offering automated anesthesia and heating for efficient animal prep creating a simplified and higher throughput workflow.

  • Compact benchtop system
  • High performance PET imaging designed for pre-clinical imaging 
  • Integrated PET and X-ray
  • Ultra-fast automatic image reconstruction
  • Advanced data acquisition and analysis software


Height 61.0 cm
Imaging Modality PET Imaging
Portable No
Product Brand Name G-Platform
Width 45.7 cm
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White Paper

Setting up a PET Imaging Lab (White Paper)

The Role of PET In Preclinical Imaging,Molecular imaging enables scientists to non-invasively visualize, characterize and quantify,normal and pathologic processes in vivo at the cellular and subcellular level. Positron-emission,tomography (PET) is a molecular imaging technology which utilizes radionucleotides to deliver,high spatial and temporal resolution data. The G-Platform, G4 PET/X-ray and G8 PET/,CT systems, removes many of the technical hurdles for the scientist that may want to,incorporate PET imaging into their research lab. However, there are some regulatory and,safety requirements one must satisfy before the lab is approved to perform PET imaging studies.,This white paper will outline many of the key regulatory and safety considerations, as well as,providing a list of materials to consider purchasing to outfit a preclinical PET imaging facility.

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