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FragilEase (outside USA)

The FragilEase PCR assay is designed to amplify the entire CGG sequence in the FMR1 promoter region. By use of proprietary PCR reagents that allow an accurate amplification of the trinucleotide repeats, FragilEase can reliably detect even full mutations with over 900 repeats.

Part Number 3101-0010
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FragilEase™ reagents are not available in the USA and Canada. In other countries please check availability with your PerkinElmer sales representative.


FragilEase assay characteristics that will benefit your work:

  • Precise quantification of normal, premutation and full mutation samples
  • Accurate amplification and detection of repeat sizes with even > 900 repeats
  • Accurate detection of both alleles in female samples reducing the need for Southern Blot reflexing
  • High and low throughput options for cost and time efficient analyses 96 reactions per kit
  • Workflow adaptable for a variety of capillary electrophoresis systems
  • Turnaround time approximately six hours
  • CE-IVD approved assay

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Fragile X molecular diagnostics (CE-IVD)

PerkinElmer’s FragilEase PCR assay together with the instrumentation and data analysis software, offers a quick and easy solution for Fragile X testing. (CE marked for IVD use)

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