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FMT 4000 In Vivo Imaging System

The FMT 4000 fluorescence tomography imaging system provides the greatest utility of the FMT Systems with the ability to quantitate up to four fluorophores simultaneously. It comes with four excitation laser channels (635, 680, 750, & 790 nm).

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FMT for Fluoresence Tomography: 3 Steps to Generate Fluoresence Tomographic Data in vivo

Quick to learn. Fast to image. Easy to quantify.

STEP 1: FMT Data Generation

  • Transillumination: FMT transillumination of animal using powerful 80 mW lasers
  • Creating Baseline Absorption Profiles: Baseline absorption profiles of each mouse's biological composition are measured by a laser-light raster scan. Paired absorption and fluorescence data maps generated from 10,000 - 100,000 source detector laser projections.

FMT laser-driven transillumination generates paired absorption and fluorescence data maps throughout the animal.

The anesthetized mouse is comfortably placed in PerkinElmer's portable Animal Imaging Cassette. Imaging sessions are rapid (2-3 minutes per animal), animal handling is simple and the mouse remains stable and immobilized for consistent, repetitive imaging results

STEP 2: FMT Normalization

  • Normalized fluorescence measurements generated by processing all paired absorption and fluorescence acquisition data.
  • FMT minimizes the distorting effects of in vivo tissue heterogeneity, taking into account surface boundaries, tissue spectral characteristics and wave-guiding effects to correct and normalize each fluorescent measurement.
  • Data normalized by FMT algorithmic models of photon transport in tissue.

Insert the Animal Imaging Cassette into the FMT 2500. Easily position the anesthetized animal in the Imaging Cassette within the heated imaging chamber. Gas anesthesia is maintained.

STEP 3: FMT Reconstruction

  • Fluorescence quantified to the picomole at each point in the subject including deep tissue targets
  • Fluorescence measurements calculated throughout the user-selected regions of Interest (ROI)
  • Data provided in universal formats for analysis (including DICOM), database building, and decision-making
  • Easily create animated movies including dynamic presentation of quantification data for presentation
  • Data and images easily exported for multi-modality image fusion
  • Quantification is performed on all animals at any depth with equal accuracy and without the need for an artificial image atlas for referential quantification.

Whatever your needs, PerkinElmer has a quantitative FMT platform to provide deeper insights to your biological questions. Select the FMT 1500 for quantitative imaging in individual laboratories, in smaller facilities or for single applications. The 4-channel FMT 2500 LX is available for laboratories requiring a broader range of applications and extensive multi-modality capabilities.

Disclaimer:  For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Imaging Modality Optical Imaging
Optical Imaging Classification Fluorescence Imaging
Portable No
Product Brand Name FMT
Research Areas In Vivo Research

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