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Quartz Cell with Low Profile Stopper

This quartz cell with low profile stopper is the only type of cell that can be used in the integrating sphere (N4201017) and avoid spillage or damage to the sample. Standard rectangular macro cells are the most frequently-used type of spectroscopy cell for routine liquids analysis. Micro cells have the same outside dimensions as the macro cells but the cell walls are thickened, limiting the interior sample chamber width to 2 mm. This reduces the sample requirements by 80%.

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The FL 8500 fluorescence spectrometer uses a high-performance continuous wave excitation source with PerkinElmer optics for high sensitivity measurements at scan speeds up to 60,000 nm/min. The FL 8500 is the choice when sensitivity and/or scan speed is most important. The FL 8500 solution can be configured for a range of applications including: material characterization, industrial dye, printing, and tracing manufacutring and R&D, and environmental analysis of LEDs, solar cells and organic electroluminescent materials. The FL 6500 fluorescence spectrometer uses a pulse excitation source with variable power settings desigend for samples susceptible to photo bleaching. The FL 6500 system can be configured for a range of applications including cell biology, molecular biology, immunology, enzymology and protein analysis and thin coatings. Together, these instruments create a comprehensive fluorescence portfolio enabling customers to tackle most application challenges.


Material Quartz
Model Compatible With FL6500, FL8500
Product Group Specialty Cells
Technology Type Fluorescence (FLR)