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DigiTUBEs 50 mL with RackLock (no caps)

Why use a thermometer to monitor and manually adjust sample temperature when a SPB Probe will automatically do the job? The SPB Probe provides direct control and monitoring of actual sample temperature via a corrosionresistant, PFA-coated temperature probe. Available with different holders in a 6” con guration for use with 50 and 100 mL DigiTUBE®s. Each probe is supplied with 5 Probe Watch Glasses and a probe holder.

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PerkinElmer offers 50 and 100 mL, disposable, sample digestion tubes with easy-to-read graduations. Accurate 50 or 100 mL graduation is calibrated to meet Class A specifications to allow normalization directly in the tube. RackLock design allows for easy, one-handed closure of leak-free screw cap. All-in-one tubes eliminate the need for five separate vessels: Digestion beakers, volumetric flasks, graduated cylinders, autosampler tubes and storage containers.