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Connector for SAP

Connector for SAP can improve the efficiency of data management between SAP and the laboratory and help SAP to fully meet laboratory requirements without requiring costly and time consuming modifications to SAP.

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Connect Your Laboratory to SAP

Connector for SAP provides seamless integration between SAP or SAP QM and laboratory instruments or laboratory data systems such as ELN, LIMS and SDMS.

  • Integrate laboratory instruments directly with SAP to retrieve Inspection Lots, collect data from instruments, perform calculations and post results back to SAP.
  • Receive requests and triggers from SAP to execute calculations on behalf of SAP or initiate workflows within the laboratory.
  • Automate the transfer of information between SAP and laboratory systems including LIMS, ELN and SDMS.
  • Initiate ELN worksheets using SAP triggers.

Connector for SAP Supports Laboratory Workflow

Connector for SAP is an SAP integration solution that addresses the specific requirements of the laboratory.

Three highly configurable workflows, modeled after typical laboratory workflows, are supported out-of-the-box.

Work list Driven Workflow: SAP notifies Connector for SAP that a new lot has been created. Connector for SAP queries SAP for a work list and associated limits. This information is sent to the instrument for sample analysis. Results are received by Connector for SAP which processes the data and reports results back to SAP.

Instrument Driven Workflow: The instrument analyzes samples and sends results to Connector for SAP. Connector for SAP processes the data, sends raw data files to an SDMS and final results to SAP. SAP can also be provided with a link back to the raw data file.

Calculation Workflow: Connector for SAP receives a request to perform calculations and it queries SAP and other third party systems for the required information. Connector for SAP performs the calculations and returns results to SAP.

Each of these workflows is able to execute in either black box mode (no user interaction during run-time), or client mode (user interacts with Connector for SAP to initiate actions). Advanced functionality including automated email notification, checking out of bound conditions and real time monitoring and reporting, can be incorporated into any of the above workflows.