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GC Columns Velocity-1 60 M x 0.25 mm x 0.25 µm 100% Dimethyl Polysiloxane

Velocity fused silica columns yield exceptional performance for general GC applications.

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Our new line of Velocity fused silica columns yield exceptional performance for general Gas Chromatography (GC) applications without the cost associated with gas chromatography and mass spectrum analysis. PerkinElmer Velocity columns are excellent for standard daily test applications. They combine quality and affordability with reproducible results. Velocity Columns provide excellent results for theoretical plates, selectivity, and tailing factor tests. They also have a robust column cage and low baseline noise. Velocity 1 Columns are 100% Dimethyl Polysiloxane and come in various dimensions. These are general purpose columns with a highly versatile phase that is extremely rugged, exhibiting long column lifetime, and high operating temperatures. Ideal for the analysis of non-polar petrochemical samples, such as detailed hydrocarbon analysis, hydrocarbon gases, petroleum oxygenates, petroleum aromatics, fuels, waxes, oils, sulfur compounds, mercaptans, and carbon disulfide. It also is an excellent phase for solvents, chemicals, flavors, fragrances, essential oils, air toxins, chlorofluorocarbons, arson analysis, pesticides, and hydrocarbons. Velocity 1 Columns have a thermal stability up to 350 °C.


Film Thickness 0.25 µm
Inner Diameter 0.25 mm
Length 60.0 m
Phase Velocity-1