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COL-ELTWAXETR 0.25UM 30mx0.25mm w/5m IGC

Features and Benefits:

  • No leaks for a more robust method
  • No column connections for easier, faster maintenance
  • No peak distortions due to connector dead volume and thermal capacity

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Detail Information

Integrated Guard columns: guard columns WITHOUT connections - protecting your analytical GC column has never been this easy! For analysts who find it inconvenient to make a leak-free connection between the guard column and the analytical column, we offer Integrated Guard columns. These innovative columns incorporate both guard column and analytical column in a continuous length of tubing, eliminating the connection and all connection-associated problems! The guard column section is marked separately from the analytical column, using high-temperature string. A GC column with an integrated Guard column is so economical that we challenge you to compare our price against that of a GC column and guard with a conventional connection, even if you assemble it yourself.