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D-Swafer Complete Kit

For Clarus GC units only (for Clarus 690/680/590/580 GCs with PPC). Includes all required installation hardware user guides, and the D-Swafer.

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The D-Swafer Dean's Switch Kit is for new Clarus GCs with programmable pneumatic control (PPC) and includes: D-Swafer Dean's Switch, all required installation hardware and user guides. PerkinElmer's Swafer platform is a micro-channel wafer technology, providing Clarus®580 and 680 GC users with additional application flexibility, while delivering richer sample information, increased sensitivity, lower maintenance costs and increased sample throughput. The D-Swafer is based on the classical Deans' Switch principle, but may be configured in multiple ways to provide a variety of features:

  • Inlet, column, and detector switching and isolation - provide maximum application flexibility
  • Heartcutting (Deans Switch) - allows separation of selected peaks within a complex sample matrix
  • Solvent venting/column-bleed venting - removes undesirable materials from the GC system
  • Sample backflushing - for removing heavy sample residue
  • Carrier gas swapping
  • Polarity tuning - allows tweaking of column selectivity durinchromatography to optimize difficult separations
  • Selective peak attenuation - enables specific peaks to battenuated to monitor a larger dynamic range

Additional Swafers can be purchased separately: S-Swafer (part no.N9306262); D-Swafer (part no. N9306251.


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Application Note

PDF 684 KB
Determination of Methanol in Crude Oils According to ASTM D7059-04 Using the Clarus 680 GC with S-Swafer Micro-Channel Flow Technology

ASTM® D7059-04 is an established method that has been well validated for the determination of methanol in crude oils. In this application note, a method based on a PerkinElmer® Clarus® 600 GC with an S-Swafer™ splitting device is described.

PDF 685 KB

Technical Note

Swafer Micro-Channel Flow Technology - Automated Inlet Selection for GC/MS

This technical note describes an automated method for switching back, and forth between two injection techniques in a dual-channel capillary, column GC/MS system.

PDF 930 KB