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The EZ Reader can help to save time and money in your laboratory by identifying the most promising lead candidates faster.

The EZ Reader instrument is available outside the EU. Please contact your local representative for further information.

Part Number 122919
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The mobility shift assay technology enables a large variety of enzymatic assays such as kinase profiling and mechanism of action (MOA) studies to characterize the most promising candidates identified in primary screening. Accelerate your hit to lead optimization with EZ Reader!


  • High data quality through precise ratiometric readout of substrates and products
  • Wide range of enzyme targets
  • No compound interference, no indirect effects - no artifacts
  • Real Time Kinetics
  • Precise IC50 determinations
  • Detailed mechanistic studies

Mobility Shift Assay Technology

The microfluidic mobility shift assay (MSA) is a widely adopted technology using PerkinElmer’s LabChip Chips to collect (‘sip’) a very small volume of the sample down to 10nl. Samples can be ‘sipped’ from 96- or 384-well microtiter plates with a 4- or a 12-sipper chip. Using the MSA technology gives you the opportunity to follow enzymatic reactions in small reaction volumes with a minimum amount of sample which saves precious material and money.

The data signature is generated by the shift in mobility of non-phosphorylated peptide substrates and phosphorylated products by electrophoresis in the chip and detected via LED induced fluorescence. The height of the fluorescent signal reveals the extent of the reaction by monitoring the signal of both substrate and product. This data allows a precise ratiometric readout for real time kinetic and mechanism of action studies with high data quality.

With the LabChip® EZ Reader, it is possible to screen a large variety of kinases for a compound of interest using the PerkinElmer ProfilerPro kits. These kits were specially developed for the LabChip® EZ Reader and comprise matching pairs of 384-well kinase assay and substrate plates. The assay plates each contain 24 different kinases, pre-dispensed and frozen. The substrate plates contain the appropriate fluorescent labeled peptides and ATP.

NEW! HDAC Substrates

Two new substrates for the analysis of class I and II Histone Deacetylase (HDAC) enzymes are now available. These high quality acetylated peptides were developed by The Broad Institute (Cambridge, MA). The new substrates ideally complement PerkinElmer’s portfolio of substrates for the investigation of epigenetic enzymes, which have been recognized as playing important roles in the incidence and progression of human diseases and as targets for therapeutic intervention


Automation Compatible Yes
Detection Method Fluorescence
Height 464.0 mm
Light Source LED
Product Brand Name LabChip EZ Reader
Weight 45.5 kg
Width 472.0 mm