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Model 4087 for Clarus 590 PPC

This is a Transformer Oil/Gas Analyzer model which supports ASTM D3612 Headspace Method C. Some features for this specific model include:

  • Meets: ASTM® D3612-02, Method C
  • Guaranteed detection levels (based on individual components without interference from neighboring peaks)

Part Number NARL8530
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Detail Information

  • Couples with PerkinElmer® TurboMatrix Headspace Sampler with shaker (either the 40 or 110 position sampler can be used)
  • Uses thermal conductivity detector (TCD) and flame ionization detector (FID)
  • Passivated tubing
  • High-capacity methanizer
  • Operating parameters must be changed to detect propane, propylene and isobutene without modifying the columns or plumbing
  • Sample types analyzed: Headspace gases from transformer oil

Detected Compounds

  • H2, CO2, CH4 (methane), CO, C2H2 (acetylene), C2H4 (ethylene), C2H6 (ethane), O2 and N2

Highlights of Our Guaranteed, Standard Analyzers:

  • Pneumatic Pressure Control (PPC) for more precise and automated gas flow.
  • Purged sampling valve housing
  • Passivated tubing
  • Packed injection port & GSV for various sample introductions, meets Method A and Method C
  • High capacity methanizer
  • Argon carrier gas for improved hydrogen response
  • Operating parameters may be changed to include the elution of propane/propylene and iso-butane without changing columns or plumbing.

Methods supported:

  • ASTM D3612 (Model 4003), D3612-Method C (Model 4087)


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Product Brand Name Arnel