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Model 4001 for Clarus 590 PPC

This is an Oxygenates and Aromatics Analyzer by model which supports ASTM D4815 by TCD. Some features for this specific model include:

  • Meets: ASTM® D4815
  • Guaranteed detection levels (based on individual components without interference from neighboring peaks)

Part Number NARL8500
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Detail Information

  • Analysis: Ether and alcohol additives in finished gasoline
  • Available with thermal conductivity detector (Model 4001) or flame ionization detector (Model 4002)
  • Low cost of operation
  • The determination of benzene, separated by this valve/column system, is not quantified by this method. To analyze benzene, refer to Model 4013 (ASTM D3606) or Model 4014 (ASTM D3606 modified for oxygenates). Either channel can be incorporated as a second channel in the Model 4001/4002 in a custom analyzer.
  • Sample type: Liquid
Detected Compounds
  • Methanol, ethanol, isopropanol, tert-butanol, n-propanol, MTBE, sec-butanol, DIPE, isobutanol, ETBE, tert-pentanol, n-butanol, benzene, TAME, heavy hydrocarbons