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Model 3023 for Clarus 590 PPC ASTM Method 2887

This Simulated Distillation Analyzer model supports ASTM Method 2887. Some features for this specific model include:

  • Extended temperature range and fast Simulated Distillation applications
  • ASTM default settings and custom settings
  • Intelligent calibration-table generation
  • Multiple solvent-exclusion capabilities
  • Result files are saved as CDF (AIA) format files and can be accessed by any third-party application that supports reading the AIA file format
  • D86 and D1160 correlations
  • Standalone processing or batch reprocessing
  • Set custom % off distillation reports
  • Custom cut-point reporting
  • Custom QC reporting

Part Number NARL8401
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Detail Information

ASTM has approved several methods for simulated distillation that address defined hydrocarbon ranges (D7096, D2887, D7213, D6352, D7169 and D7500). Arnel-GC Engineered Solutions Model 3023 Simulated Distillation Analyzer with PerkinElmer software by Envantage incorporate all approved methods.

Highlights of Our Guaranteed, Standard Analyzers:

  • The Model 3023 uses helium carrier gas and cryogenic cooling.
  • The Model 3023X uses hydrogen carrier and modified temperature ramp reduce analysis times from 30 to 18 minutes. The rapid cooling oven minimizes time between injections.

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Application Note

Fast Simulated Distillation Analysis by Modified ASTM D2887, D7169, D6352, and D7500

To meet the demands of complex petrochemical testing, our new Clarus® 590 and 690 gas chromatography (GC) instruments are preconfigured to provide a turnkey solution for a wide range of applications, including Simulated Distillation. We deliver a complete, ready-to-go system for faster, more efficient analysis in compliance with ASTM methods. Discover how the Clarus GC instruments enable the superior sensitivity and throughput you need for your most critical applications – plus the versatility to handle more.