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Model 1015 for Clarus 590 PPC

This Refinery Gas Analyzer model supports hydrocarbon, by FID and light gases by TCD.

Some features for this specific model include:

  • Rapid, 15-minute analysis time
  • Dual channel-flame ionization detector and thermal conductivity detector (FID/TCD) (see sales representative for alternate detectors on FID channel) •
  • Rugged packed columns – no degradation from H2O, NH3 or other common contaminants
  • No guaranteed hydrogen detection range (see Model 1157 for full-range capability)
  • Critical butene-1/isobutylene separation
  • Includes Model 3062 Software, which contains a merge program to combine multichannel data into one report

Part Number NARL8104
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Detail Information

These analyzers are designed to meet or exceed standards for industry-specific methods (ASTM, UOP, ISO etc.). All the analyzers' operation parameters are set and tested at the factory with the instrumental method pre-loaded. Once the GC has been installed, samples can be processed immediately.

Standard features:

  • Models that have both gas and liquid sampling capability also have a sample loop purge feature that prevents contamination when changing from liquid to gas samples or gas to liquid samples.
  • Models that have liquid sampling capability also have filters and back pressure regulation for proper sample introduction into the valve, plus a vaporization zone to properly inject the samples onto the columns.
  • Nitrogen carrier gas is used to detect H2 and He.
  • Helium (and for some models, Hydrogen) carrier gas is used to detect all other components.
  • Model 1157 is a preconfigured and available for immediate shipment and supports either helium or hydrogen as a carrier gas.

Methods supported:

  • ASTM D1945, D1946, D2597
  • UOP 539-12, 709
  • DIN 51872-4