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3 cm PECO Column Holder

The patented MPLC cartridge system ensures leak-free operation up to 7000 psi, with only finger-tightening. Thehigh-pressure seal in each end assembly actually seals tighter as pressure increases. No wrenches are required, andthere is no need to disconnect any tubing to your LC system when changing a cartridge. Each MPLC cartridge canbe directly coupled to another using a union.

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NewGuard cartridges are small guard cartridges (15 mm x 3.2 mm ID) packed with 5 or 7 µm sorbents. They help to prolong column life by eliminating particulates, contaminants, and strongly bound sample components; acting as replaceable disposable heads of your analytical column. There is negligible loss of efficiency and little effect on retention or resolution. NewGuards are available in a convenient 3-pack and can be coupled directly to any MPLC cartridge with a union (07150018), or any LC column using the stand alone holder (07150001).


Length 33.0 mm
Product Group LC Holders and Accessories