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10cm Short-Path Demountable Gas Cells with Windows, KBr, for the Spectrum Two

We offer Short-Path Demountable Cells to monitor air pollutants, study vapor phase transitions gas molecules, and quantify impurities gas samples.

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These 10cm cells have been designed for use on all PerkinElmer infrared instruments. Removable Windows for Easy Cleaning Reactive gases may fog or attack the window material, but the windows can be removed easily and repolished.

Stopcocks for filling and purging the cell are an integral part of the cell body. The cells should not be subjected to pressures of more than one atmosphere. The cell has a volume of approximately 120mm. The cell is supplied with windows and spare windows can be ordered separately. A Universal 10cm Gas Cell Mount is required to mount the accessory the sample slide of the instrument and must be ordered separately.


Material Potassium Bromide
Product Group Short Path Cell