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Potassium Bromide Semi-Demountable Cell Kit (Preassembled), Pathlength: 0.5mm

The Semi-Demountable Cell can be used either as a demountable cell or as a sealed cell for high-viscosity liquids or mull samples.

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Combining two different requirements into one cell allows a myriad of different sampling applications. Two cells in one- Demountable and Sealed Cell. Easily disassembled for cleaning.

For Liquid Samples: After assembling the cell, you can introduce the liquid sample through injection ports that are part of the top plate. The windows and spacers are not cemented together, allowing you to disassemble the cell easily.

The Semi- Demountable Cell is ideal for samples that are hard to clean or for unknown liquids which may contain moisture and attack hygroscopic window materials. For Mull Samples: Liquid cells can also be used if your sample is a Nujol™ mull or a capillary film, just use two undrilled windows and use the cell as a straight demountable cell. Select from a wide variety of window materials to meet your analytical needs.

To order a Semi-Demountable Cell, order the Universal Demountable Cell and your choice of windows and spacers. A thickness- compensating spacer is required for 2mm thick windows. Alternatively, the complete kit can be ordered preassembled.


Material Potassium Bromide
Product Group Rectangular Cell