FL 6500 and 8500 Fluorescence Consumables and Accessories Reference Guide


Today’s advanced and increasingly diverse Advanced Materials laboratories are facing new challenges on a daily basis – starting from raw materials right up to the finished product. PerkinElmer’s comprehensive portfolio of analytical solutions is designed to give you the higher accuracy, sensitivity, and ease of use your laboratory demands for examining with confidence, the purity, composition, and performance of your polymers and compounds. What’s more, a range of complementary services is available to keep your laboratory up and running, meeting the stringent requirements of a variety of environments and working practices. Better insights for better products. Choose PerkinElmer.

The FL 6500 and 8500 are industry-leading fluorescence spectrometers. You’ll be confident in the results you produce with the high-energy pulsed Xenon light source that prevents photobleaching in the FL 6500, along with the FL 8500 system that offers a continuous-wave excitation source that is best for testing diluted or small samples.