The Complete Cannabis Solution

In addition to outstanding instrumentation and superior technology, our solutions offer consumables, software options and a knowledgeable, dedicated service team.

Consumables, From Analysis to Results

Laboratory Consumables, such as vials, columns and injectors, can ensure the continual optimal performance of your laboratory. We provide cannabis specific consumables all designed to give you greater confidence in your results throughout the lifetime of your instrument.

Your Path to Lab Efficiency Starts Here

With our dedicated cannabis service team, you’re gaining support from the absolute best in the business. That means certified technicians in the field who are familiar with all the techniques and cannabis methods you employ. We have the unique qualifications that can help empower your science and your business: analytic method services, asset procurement and disposition, business intelligence, qualification and validation, lab relocation, instrument service and repair, and a deep-seated knowledge of our customers’ business requirements.

Software that Drives Efficiency

We offer a suite of intuitive, straightforward software that works across the various touchpoints in your lab, taking you from sample to results faster and easier.

  1. iLab™ Laboratory Execution System (LES) - Work more efficiently with a system that allows you to abandon manual paper processes and embrace simple, accurate automation, from data collection to calculations to reporting results.
  2. ChemDraw® - Create publication-ready, scientifically intelligent drawings of chemical structures and biological pathways with the complete drawing tool of choice for chemists and biologists.
  3. Simplicity 3Q - Achieve a streamlined workflow, from method development to results. It’s ideal for acquiring, quantifying, and reporting, and has flexible data viewing options and powerful remote diagnostics.

Need more information?

Connect with a local specialist who can guide you through the process of setting up a cannabis laboratory and meeting regional regulations.