Simultaneous Thermal Analysis (STA)


Enable real-time measurement and analysis of sample weight change and heat flow in one compact lab instrument. With innovative sensor technology and compact furnace design, our Simultaneous Thermal Analyzers (STAs) are ideally suited for both research and routine applications.

Whether you are characterizing inorganics, analyzing polymers, or testing oils, our combination of differential temperature analysis (DTA or DSC) with proven thermogravimetric (TGA) capabilities assures you of reliable results and simple data interpretation every time.

Applications from the TGA include: compositional analysis, decomposition temperatures, engine oil volatility, flammability studies, lifetime predictions, measurement of volatiles, oxidative and thermal stabilities, catalyst and coking studies, and hyphenation to identify out-gassing products.

Application from the DTA/DSC include: melting and crystallization behavior, glass transition temperatures, specific heat capacity, kinetic studies and transition and reaction enthalpies.

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  • Application Note

    Pharmaceutical Compounds are Analyzed in Half the Time by Simultaneous TGA-DSC

    In the “Early Drug Discovery Phase” of pharmaceutical development when there is a minimum amount of synthesized drug candidate, quick thermal analysis using a small amount of sample is the norm. The sample amount could be less than 3 mg. Because of the rush to identify possible drug candidates, analytical answers must be given within the day. The STA 6000 with its sensitivity of 0.1 µg allows minimum sample material to obtain reproducible results in half the time.

  • Application Note

    Proximate Analysis of Coal and Coke using the STA 8000 Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer

    The purpose of this study is to demonstrate the proximate analysis of two standard samples using the STA and show that the performance is easily able to allow this moderate cost, small profile and sturdy instrument to be used for this type of routine analysis.