Scientific Lab Support

Scientists often find themselves spending more time troubleshooting laboratory instruments instead of more time spent on performing vital experiments. With OneSource® lab support combined with OneSource trained engineers maintaining noncore activities and the multivendor environment is taken care of allowing your scientists to stay focused on discovery.

  • Sample prep
  • Sample Management
  • Consumables management
  • Media preparations
  • Compound weighing
  • Non-core laboratory activities
  • Improved scientific efficiencies & productivity

Learn How PerkinElmer’s OneSource Services Advance Your Science

Evaluating Staffing Options for the Lab of the Future

Many pharmaceutical companies use third-party staffing support in their labs to enable greater focus on core competencies, according to Contract Pharma’s 2018 outsourcing survey.

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Turning Your Vendor into a Partner: Best Practices for Pharma Procurement

Today’s global life science-based companies are faced with a multitude of challenges when it comes to lab operation and maintenance strategies. Inefficient labs are the most common problem plaguing pharma companies.

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Questions Procurement Should Ask Before Signing a Lab Services Contract

Choosing the best partner for laboratory services is a critical step in this alignment. Before signing a contract for laboratory services, here are some forward-thinking questions procurement should ask.

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