Sample Preparation Blocks


Better laboratory practices demand modern techniques in sample preparation. Our SPB series of block digestion systems offers the latest in graphite block technology – with no exposed metal components and an outer shell manufactured from acid-resistant thermoplastic, they reduce the chances of sample contamination and resist aggressive corrosion for guaranteed long life in harsh laboratory environments. Operating in conjunction with both digital and touch controllers, these sample preparation block kits feature RackLock leak-free screw caps that are easy to close with one hand, disposable watch glasses, vacuum-assisted filters that remove particulates in seconds, and one set of racks for the most effective and efficient modern sample preparation.

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"Sample Preparation Blocks" 1-11 of 11 Products & Services

SPB TempSET without probe

SPB TempSET, without probe

Designed to shut-off SPB systems with no lab supervision. Ideal for overnight digestions and evaporations where samples require volume reductions (volume control ±2.5 mL). Increase lab efficiency by automatically digesting samples off-hours.
List Price : 1512.00 USD
List Price : 37.00 USD
List Price : 2286.00 USD
SPB Hood
List Price : 1359.00 USD
List Price : 71.00 USD
List Price : 704.00 USD

Fume Hood for SPB 50-72, 100-42

The bench top fume hoods for SPB systems are the right choice for trace-metal digestions. Made from clear, acid resistant polycarbonate with a solid surface material base, the fume hood eliminates the risk of trace-metal contamination common with traditional fume hoods. HEPA® filters ensure clean input air.
List Price : 2589.00 USD
List Price : 194.00 USD

Vacuum Pump 17 L/min 230 V

The 17 L/min 230 V vacuum pump comes in a quantity of 1.
List Price : 834.00 USD

Vacuum Pump 58 L/min 230 V

The 58 L/min 230 V vacuum pump comes in a quantity of 1.
List Price : 1006.00 USD

"Sample Preparation Blocks" 1-11 of 11 Products & Services