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For laboratories running inorganic elemental analyses of a broad range of samples, microwave sample preparation provides the high-temperature, high-pressure digestion needed to deliver quick, complete sample digestion and allow for total elemental analysis.

Effective across a broad range of samples, our flexible Titan MPS™ Microwave Sample Preparation Systems are easy to use and effective on even the most difficult samples, integrating seamlessly with PerkinElmer AA, ICP-OES, and ICP-MS instruments, so you get the convenience of having one provider for all your instrumentation, supplies, and support.

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    5 Tips to Improving Your Sample Digestion

    Sample preparation is one of the most critical steps in your analytical process. Often accounting for 60% of your analytical timetable, it has a fundamental impact on laboratory throughput and analytical performance. Any errors within the sample preparation process will undermine the quality of your food data at all subsequent stages of your analysis. Here are five tips to improving your sample digestion for food samples.