Mercury Analysis


PerkinElmer offers a full range of solutions to meet your mercury analysis needs.

For laboratories already using a PerkinElmer AA, ICP-OES or ICP-MS system for inorganic elemental analyses, we offer fully-integrated and automated flow injection accessories.

And for laboratories preferring a dedicated mercury analyzer, you have the choice between compact, reliable and easy-to-operate flow injection mercury analysis systems (FIAS) or full-function, automated analyzers for the sensitive measurement of mercury in solid samples.

Plus, we carry a wide selection of genuine supplies for your mercury analyzer – keeping your system in good working order by using only the best replacement parts is the first step in assuring quality analytical performance.

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  • Application Note

    Using FIMS to Determine Mercury Content in Sewage Sludge, Sediment and Soil Samples

    In this work, samples were digested with aqua regia using reflux conditions according to DIN method 38414. After proper dilution of the digested sample solution, Hg was measured interference-free using SnCl2 as the reductant. The recoveries of spiked mercury in sewage sludge samples ranged from 96 to 100%. The method was checked by the analysis of standard reference materials. All results were in agreement with certified values. The RSD for three replicates was approximately 2% at 10 µg/L Hg level.